SILVECO Skin Protection

Protective aerosol with active silver nanoparticles for use on the skin of farm animals.

Thanks to the biological activity of silver, it forms a protective layer that prevents the damaging effects of environmental factors.

Product with a broad spectrum of action.

  • Antimicrobial and anti fungal properties of silver
  • Protection of the skin after traumas and surgeries
  • Support for natural skin regeneration processes
  • Without antibiotics
  • Simple to apply

Package: Aerosol 250 ml

Main benefits:

Soothes skin irritation


Active forms of silver


wound healing


SILVECO Skin Protection is an innovative hygiene product that supports the natural skin reconstruction process. It accelerates skin regeneration, thereby reducing the time required for wound healing. The included D-panthenol alleviates irritation and itching. The active silver forms a protective layer on the skin, ensuring effective and long-term protection against harmful microorganisms. This is particularly important for livestock animals kept in large groups.

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