A new standard
in animal hygiene

Discover SILVECO brand products with active silver nanoparticles. Discover the new standard in animal hygiene. Products dedicated to veterinarians and breeders.

Say goodbye to mastitis
in your herd

Discover an exceptional product that, when used regularly, prevents mastitis. Choose a proven preparation recommended
by Veterinarians and take care of your animals with the active power of silver.

Skin regeneration
and protection

When it comes to the hygiene of livestock animal skin, choose a cream recommended by veterinarians. Easy to apply, safe for animals, effective.

Protective aerosol
with active silver

Ideal for claw correction in cattle or cases of cannibalism among swine.
Effective protection against pathogens and 100% safety for animals.

Disinfection products for veterinarians and breeders

in daily work

We know how important and responsible the work of veterinarians is. We also know how much effort it takes to run a modern animal breeding. That’s why at SILVECO, we support both Veterinarians and breeders every day – we support you in your daily work.

  • Biosecurity
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Modern farming

Active forms of silver in animal farming

Active forms of silver

Silver is an element valued for its catalytic properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, but above all, for its cidal action against pathogens – bacteria, viruses, fungi. Technological advances have made it possible to use silver particles on the nanometric scale.

All these characteristics make silver currently considered one of the most attractive alternatives, both for many drugs and biocidal agents.


The confirmed bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal effects of silver allow us to obtain a range of benefits from its use. Thanks to the application of nanotechnology, silver acquires unique properties that work exceptionally well in animal farming.

of animal health
and welfare

Reduced costs
of breeding

in the use
of antibiotics



Products with active nano-silver

Convenient for you, safe for animals

Discover professional SILVECO products that, thanks to the active forms of silver, provide a completely new level of animal hygiene.

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  • SILVECO NanoMast product efficacy study report in dairy cattle.
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    Important information for veterinarians and animal breeders – we are starting with the autumn promotion! The offer is valid from August 21 to September 30. The holidays are inexorably coming to an end, and fall will inevitably come after them. This time of year is not always golden, sunny and serene. Get your pets ready…

Manufacturer of disinfection agents and preparations for animals

Animal farming is an industry that requires proper knowledge and dedication. Livestock animals require proper care at every stage of their life, so it is important to provide them with the best possible living conditions. We are a manufacturer of preparations for animals, and we create high-quality hygiene and disinfection products for professional breeders and veterinarians. Our products are a response to the broad requirements of the farming market, where there is an increasing focus on ecological products that ensure animal safety and reduce the risk of common diseases.

As a manufacturer of preparations for animals with nano-silver particles, we are familiar with the properties of this element and understand how difficult it is for pathogenic cells to develop resistance to it. As a result, our preparations become an interesting and effective alternative to antibiotics, as many bacteria have already developed resistance to them. Our products for livestock animals are proven and well-regarded among breeders and veterinarians. We invite you to explore our full range of products.

In our product range, you will find disinfection agents, preparations for the hygiene of livestock animal skin, grooming products for horses, as well as products for hoof correction. Our products are distinguished by the presence of silver nanoparticles, an element highly valued for its pathogen-killing properties. The high microbiological activity of silver can contribute to combating viruses, bacteria, and fungi, thus promoting prevention and maintaining animal health.

We offer, among others, products for disinfecting livestock rooms such as pigsties or poultry houses, as well as products for correcting cattle’s hooves and horse care kits.