Disinfection in poultry farming

“Intensive poultry rearing, high concentration of birds per unit area of the room, as well as other parameters of poultry production may favor the development of pathogenic microflora in the rooms, and as a result lead to an increased risk of various infectious diseases. A significant role in the proper rearing of poultry is played by properly carried out disinfection” – writes Dr. Eng. Henryka Grażyna Korytkowska in the current July issue of the journal “Polskie Drobiarstwo”.

Modern disinfection in poultry production is based on the latest technologies and innovative solutions aimed at preventing the spread of poultry diseases and maintaining high quality and food safety. Its purpose is to destroy potentially harmful bacteria and viruses, most often using special chemicals.

Dr. Korytkowska explains why disinfection is of key importance in poultry farming, especially in the current situation – avian influenza, increasing resistance of microorganisms to the agents used. Proper disinfection is therefore a very important element in the prevention and control of many diseases in poultry production.

The article also contains information about disinfection using preparations with silver nanoparticles.

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