SILVECO – our mission

A new standard
regarding animal hygiene

The SILVECO brand was born from the combination of knowledge and passion, and it has become a response to the needs of the livestock market, where the mass use of antibiotics is a serious threat, and modern farming is inseparable from the application of broadly understood biosecurity principles.

Changing the approach to disinfection by utilizing modern preparations that work in a two-phase manner through the use of silver nanoparticles in their composition, and enabling effective and safe disinfection in the presence of animals, significantly impacts the health and welfare of livestock, thereby increasing profits.

Prophylactic measures and proper care, including the skin of animals, enable us to take appropriate actions to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance. The action of silver is actually similar to that of antibiotics and leads to the breakdown of bacterial, fungal, and viral cells, providing an effective alternative for the treatment of multiple infections.

Our goal is to promote the principles of modern farming by improving the health and well-being of animals because, according to the principles of the global “One Health” program, human health is closely connected to the health of animals and the environment.

Active Silver – preparations with silver nanoparticles

Why silver?

Silver is an element valued for its catalytic properties, thermal and electrical conductivity, but above all, for its cidal action against pathogens – bacteria, viruses, fungi. This element’s high antimicrobial activity has been exploited since antiquity. Back then, the mechanisms responsible for silver’s high antimicrobial efficacy were unknown.

Today, the multitude of these mechanisms and principles of action explain not only its efficacy but also the lack of ability of pathogenic cells to acquire resistance to silver. This last feature gains particular significance because the resistance to antibiotics of many bacterial strains is currently rising. Technological advances have made it possible to use silver particles on the nanometric scale. Such substantial refinement of this material influences its distribution, thereby making it possible to achieve much higher antimicrobial efficacy at very low concentrations.

What is more, silver exhibits relatively low toxicity to humans and animals. All of these characteristics currently make silver one of the most attractive alternatives to many drugs and biocidal agents alike.

The advantages of silver
concerning conventional biocidal agents

Until now, biocidal agents, so-called biocides, have been used, i.e. compounds characterized by limited persistence of action and an adverse impact on the environment.

Silver is characterized by high stability and strong biocidal properties against microorganisms, and reducing its particles to nanometric sizes makes it possible to increase its specific surface area and achieve much higher chemical and biological activity than in the case of large particles.

Therefore, the use of silver nanoparticles allows for a bactericidal effect at a lower concentration of the active substance compared to conventional chemical agents. Despite the high cost of the raw material, its use in preparations does not significantly impact the price of the product.

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