Disinfection in farming

Silver-based products for livestock animals

Maintaining proper hygiene levels is one of the fundamentals of modern, well-functioning farming.
At SILVECO, we meet the expectations of Veterinarians and farmers by offering a reliable disinfectant product containing active forms of silver.

Disinfection in farming – proven silver-based solutions for livestock animals.

We offer high-quality disinfectant products for farming to breeders and veterinarians. The purpose of disinfection is to destroy microorganisms and pathogenic agents that could harm animals. Our products contain active silver particles known for their bactericidal properties. Specially formulated for disinfection purposes, our products contribute to disease prevention by protecting against the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, thus helping to prevent serious illnesses in farming.

Our products are characterized by a broad spectrum of activity. Utilizing products from our range will enable effective and systematic disinfection of farming facilities, allowing for the continuous reduction of microorganisms in the environment. Silver-based products provide an interesting alternative to popular disinfection products. Silver is a natural element that exhibits high effectiveness in combating pathogens.

Silver possesses biocidal properties and is safe for animals. As a result, it is highly effective in disinfecting buildings intended for farming purposes. The unique formula of our products provides long-lasting microbiological protection.

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