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How to support the drying off of cows?

Cow drying off, also known as the drying off period or interlacing period, is a term that refers to the process of a cow ceasing milk production in time for the next lactation period. This is a natural cycle that aims to prepare the cow’s body for the next pregnancy and the next lactation period.

The dry-off period is important for the good condition of dairy cows, and thus also for the quality of the milk produced. Every farmer needs to know that there is an increased risk of mastitis and infection during drying off, which can lead to pain and discomfort for cows. That is why it is worth knowing how to properly dry cows and what products can be helpful in this.

What is the purpose of drying off cows?

Drying off is aimed at restoring the balance of the cow’s body after the lactation period. This allows the cow to rest and regenerate before the next lactation cycle. Drying off also provides time for the new calf to develop and prepare the udder for milk production in the next lactation period.

Preparation for drying

Before drying off, it is recommended to gradually reduce milk production to reduce the risk of mastitis. It is also worth asking a veterinarian to assess the health of the cow and recommend therapy for any health problems.

In order to gradually reduce milk production, the cow’s daily food portions should be reduced. This is to lead to the stimulation of lactation hormones and the gradual cessation of milk production. The udder should be monitored at all times for possible inflammatory changes.

How long should drying take?

Drying time can vary depending on the individual cow, her health and breeding plan. It usually lasts 40 to 60 days before the expected delivery date.

What products can help cows dry off?

The veterinarian may recommend the use of special preparations supporting drying off. In our offer you will find Silveco products that help to inhibit milk production and prepare the udder for the dry period. Our products reduce milk production while preventing infections.

You can also bet on dietary supplements specially developed for cows during the drying period. They may contain ingredients such as calcium, zinc, vitamins or minerals that support overall health and help you get through the drying period properly.