Protective aerosol for skin and trotters after revision surgery and supporting regeneration processes.

Ideal for correcting trotters and in cases of cannibalism among pig herds.

Its unique properties protect damaged tissues from the negative effects of pathogens in the environment associated with livestock. Due to the high content of active forms of silver, it has a disinfectant effect on wounds.

  • Antimicrobial and anti fungal properties of silver
  • Protection of the skin after traumas and surgeries
  • Support for natural skin regeneration processes
  • Without antibiotics
  • Easy to apply

Main benefits:

Disinfection and regeneration

Creates a protective layer

Active forms of silver

Fioletowy barwnik

Long-lasting protection


After zoo technical procedures

  • Castration of boars
  • Umbilical cord protection
  • Protection of postoperative wounds

Skin damage

  • Wounds resulting from cannibalism
  • All kinds of abrasions and bedsores
  • Skin lesions caused by bacteria and fungi

In case of hoof correction, the following is recommended:

Autonomous preparation

Following healthy hoof correction and dehorning. It creates a protective layer that specifically secures the newly exposed and vulnerable tissues. It guards against the ingress and spread of microorganisms.

Supportive preparation

In case of any changes within the skin or horn capsule, to disinfect and accelerate the process of healing and regeneration. Apply before applying Silveco Cream or Silveco Gel.

Additional informations:

Silveco Derm is the result of years of research and field testing. The effective action of the product has been confirmed by experienced hoof correction specialists.
After application, SILVECO Derm evaporates quickly, leaving a thin protective layer, and thanks to the use of a dye, it allows easy identification of the areas where it was applied.

Does not contain copper sulfate!

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