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Every breeder knows very well that taking care of animal hooves is extremely important. At Silveco, we understand your needs, which is why, in consultation with veterinarians, we have developed special products that support the hoof regeneration process after trimming.

We recommend our hoof trimming products with the inclusion of active forms of silver to breeders and veterinarians.

The active silver nanoparticles contained in the preparations inhibit the growth of microorganisms and accelerate tissue regeneration after the procedure. This is a natural alternative to substances that have invasive effects on the animal’s body. Our products contain natural silver with proven properties, which makes them suitable for preventive procedures and as a support in therapeutic treatments. Our products are not only safe for animals but also easy to apply.


Hoof trimming using specialized preparations with active silver

Hoof trimming involves routine preventive procedures and, if necessary, therapeutic treatments to help maintain good condition and natural shape of the hooves and ensure appropriate weight bearing.

By using natural and proven hoof correction products, it is possible to reduce pain associated with overload, which can have an impact on the efficiency of breeding and reproduction. Regular monitoring and preventive measures are crucial because they allow for early detection of any pathological changes and initiate actions aimed at halting their development and restoring the full health of the hooves.

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What is hoof correction in cattle and why should it not be forgotten?

Hoof correction pertains to the procedure aimed at enhancing the structure, shape, or function of the animal hoof, particularly in cattle. The hoof, also known as the claw, is the external part of the animal’s limb that comes into contact with the ground. It is a crucial structure because the cows’ ability to move and perform various tasks relies on its health and condition.

The procedure for correcting hooves may involve several actions, such as:

  • Trimming and milling: An expert can trim the excess hoof and bring it to the appropriate length, considering the natural geometry of the hoof and the biomechanics of the limb.
  • Angle correction: If the hoof has an abnormal angle, such as being too flat or too steep, the angle can be adjusted to improve balance and limb loading.
  • The use of pads or inserts: In certain instances, the animals may require additional support or correction, such as through the application of specialized pads or inserts, which help equalize the load on the paw.

Along with regenerative and preventive procedures, corrective paw products are used to aid therapeutic methods. Our assortment includes, among others, a hoof horn regeneration cream that supports protection and maintains flexibility, protective aerosols for use after treatments, and other products with active silver.

The correction of paws is essential in ensuring proper posture and movement in animals, particularly cows, which are susceptible to various paw problems. Regular inspections of hooves as well as regular corrections can contribute to the maintenance of the health, comfort, and milk performance, minimizing the risk of injuries and diseases related to the musculoskeletal system.

As a manufacturer of preparations for animals and disinfectants, we also offer, among others, products for disinfecting pigsties and disinfectants for poultry houses.

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