Preventive care for the udder and genital organs of cows.

Less antibiotics
lowers breeding costs.

Our products rely on the active forms of silver and its antibacterial properties. They work perfectly in the case of antibiotic resistance. They also allow for significant reduction in the use of antibiotics alone, resulting in decreased breeding costs.

For every breeder, prevention of udder and reproductive system diseases is of utmost importance, aiming to prevent mastitis in animals. It is one of the most common and expensive diseases to treat in cows, leading to a decrease in milk yield and deterioration in the quality of the produced milk. A cow suffering from mastitis produces lower-quality milk and can transmit the infection to other animals. Treating the condition is very challenging, which is why all breeders should prioritize prevention.

We are a producer of preparations aimed at udder health prevention in cows. The systematic use of silver-based products can contribute to reducing the risk of mastitis development in cows. Our preparations have been tested and provide a good option for natural prevention of mastitis. Active silver enhances resistance to microorganisms and limits the spread of the disease.

The silver nanoparticles contained in the preparations provide long-lasting protection against microorganisms
and are fully safe for animals.


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What are the symptoms of mastitis in cows?

Mastitis in cows is an inflammatory condition of the mammary glands, which can be caused by bacterial infection or other factors. The symptoms of the disease can vary depending on the stage and type of infection. The most characteristic symptom of the disease is swelling of the udder, which can vary in intensity. The infected udder is warm to the touch and red. It can be observed that touching the affected area causes discomfort for the cow. Other symptoms of the disease include a decrease in milk yield and production of lower-quality milk. In more severe cases, the milk becomes watery, may contain clumps of hair, and sometimes even blood. Accompanying symptoms may occur, including loss of appetite, sunken eyes, apathy, diarrhea, and signs of dehydration.

How to prevent mastitis in cows?

Preventing udder diseases in cows primarily involves ensuring proper hygiene in animal husbandry. Before milking, it is important to thoroughly clean and dry the udders to prevent the introduction of bacteria into the milk ducts. All tools used during milking should be thoroughly washed and disinfected before use.

Providing a clean and hygienic environment for cows is essential. The barn should be clean, dry, and well-ventilated. Excreta, manure, and leftover feed should be regularly removed. Cows should have access to clean drinking water. Natural products for regeneration and care from our range can also help in the prevention of mastitis.

As a manufacturer of animal preparations and disinfectants, we also offer hoof correction products and poultry house disinfectants, among other products.

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